Friday, March 16, 2018

Hybrid Warfare

(this) #hemakesmesicktoo

I ate a hybrid warfare stew. Now numb all over.
I ate a hybrid warfare stew. Now numb all over.

"... Russia’s hybrid strategy combines military force and more subtle tactics designed to thwart the ambitions of rivals, according to Russian military officials and Western analysts who watch Moscow. Tactics deployed include the use of conventional and special military operations; propaganda; economic and diplomatic pressure; and assassinations. ..." 

"... In response to Russia’s annexation of Crimea, Hoffman expanded his definition: “Sophisticated campaigns that combine low-level conventional and special operations; offensive cyber and space actions; and psychological operations that use social and traditional media to influence popular perception and international opinion.” ..." 


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  1. vButterfly‪Effect...the application of "hypertext" ushered in the WWW and a hyper active connected world... the concept applied now disrupts war into what I would call, "hyperwar". And if what hypertext did to us all is any example of the changes coming to warfare then we are all in for it.‬ - Bernard Re, Jr.


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